with an eye on the future


Bondholders benefit from the development of the company through annual fixed interest payments. The bond has an attractive interest coupon of 7.875% p.a.. and provides further colleteral:

  • Bondholders receive additional inflation protection whereby the nominal yield may rise of up to 9.11 percent p.a.
  • The funds will mainly serve to finance the attractive project pipeline of well over EUR 100 million
  • stable cash flows can be generated through ongoing rental income in addition to project development

Abstract of the corporate bond 2013 / 2019

Listing: Entry Standard Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Company rating BB (Creditreform)
volume: up to EUR 15 mio.
Public offer: from march 7th 2013 until march 22nd 2013
term/maturity: from march 26th 2013 until march 25th 2019
interest payment: in arrears, respectively march 26th each year, first payment on march 26 2014, last payment on march 26th 2019
redemption: march 26th 2019
accompanying bank: VEM Aktienbank AG as Lead-Manager